Benjamin's Hope

Trials and Tribulations

As parents, we all face trials and tribulations.  Those trials and tribulations are bigger and longer lasting for parents whose children have special needs.  They may also be part of their daily lives rather than the exception. 

No End in Sight

For many, there is no end in sight for the trials, the tribulations.  What if you had a child whose challenges traverse his lifespan?  What if those challenges continue long after you are gone? 

Benjamin's Hope

This video is for every parent who has to fear for the future of his or her child, and for those of us who don't.  We all want what's best for our children.  Benjamin, and children like him, deserve the same kind of future.  We can all help.  Only if just by spreading the word.

Thank you for watching!

We can all make a difference in this world.  As a therapist, I have seen firsthand the sort of toll special needs can take on a family.  I've seen, also, the spark that HOPE can provide.  We all need HOPE.

Won't you help?

You can find Benjamin's Hope online and on facebook.

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naomi said…
Yes we all need to look outside of our own families and help others worse off than us in this way. I work with a couple of children who have a genetic disorder and give them the skills they need for life. Their parents don't have the time and time with me means their parents can do other things like relax or take a break.

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