How Babies Learn Best: Teach My Baby

How Babies Learn Best

We've learned a lot about how babies learn in the last few decades.  Neuroscientists, early childhood educators, psychologists, linguists and host of others have spent years in research labs to discover the nuances of infant and early childhood learning.  As  new parent who has a difficult time even squeezing in a shower, you likely don't have the time to find, read and digest all of the supporting best practices in getting your baby off to the brightest start.  Thanks to a great company called Teach My, you don't have to!

What Teach My Knows: Power in Relationships

First and foremost, Teach My knows that the most powerful teaching is done in the context of healthy, stable relationships.  As  parent, you have a powerful attachment to your child.  From this trusting and secure relationship, all learning will proceed.  Teach My provides you with the tools and resources to encourage exploration and early learning, while happily engaged with his most trusted!

Developmentally Appropriate

When I originally saw the Teach My Baby Kit, I was swooning.  This resource kit has several things going for it, but as an early childhood mental health consultant, the most striking is that it is developmentally appropriate.  This kit gives you just the right tools, with a wonderful guide about how to get the most out of it.  It is so spot on in its directions on how to engage your baby, I was smiling and nodding my head 'yes' as I read them! 

Recommended Use

The Teach My Baby Kit is recommended for babies ages 6 months and up.  The directions in the box and stated online recommend 10-20 minutes of play with the product, explaining that babies attention spans are small.

The kit comes with the following resources:

 12 One Piece Puzzles
 6 Two Piece Puzzles
6 Touch and Feel Flashcards
6 Mirrored Flashcards
6 Mirrored Nesting Blocks
5 Finger Puppets
4 Board Books
1 Double-Sided Storyboard
Teaching Guide
 Storage case

No Batteries Needed

In today's age of electronic gadgetry, it is enlightening to see that the Teach My Baby kit relies on no batteries, electrical support or DVD watching (which, by the way, is contraindicated for children under the age of 2).  Just add your baby and yourself, and you have everything you need to help your baby learn and explore! YAY!

To See It is to Love It

The Teach My Baby Kit is well-consructed, durable and totally baby-proof, drool-proof and fool-proof.  The quality is amazing.  This is a product you will use over and over again, and you should, as repetition is one component of learning! 

Great Value!

If you have more than one child, the Teach My products will be around to see all of them through early childhood.  The product retails for under $50.00, which is an incredible value  when you consider you are getting eight separate products, all of which coordinate to create a better brain for your baby!  (A kit like this could command more than double this price!  Shhhhhh!)  This product is great for homes, daycares and early childhood centers, such as Early Head Start.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles!

This product is completely portable.  You can carry the whole tote wherever you travel, or grab out just what you need take along.  Each product is individually packaged in its own convenient storage pouch, making it perfect to grab one, throw in a diaper bag or purse and take wherever you go!  No more boredom for baby on long commutes, or while waiting in the doctor's office!

Say YES to Teach My

You can find Teach My products, including Teach My Baby, online at Amazon, as well as other online outlets, and in stores!  You can also purchase products directly on the Teach My site. 

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As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you HAPPY PARENTING and TEACHING!

Note: Kidlutions provides Brand Ambassadorships for products which are within its vision and scope of services.  Such is the case with the Teach My product.  Compensation is received for Brand Ambassadorships, however, all of the content is provided by Kidlutions, and is an honest review of the product.  Kidlutions reserves the right to refuse entering into agreements with brands whose vision and scope do not meet its rigorous standards. 


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