How to Raise a Kind Child

How to Raise a Kind Child

How you speak of others sets the stage for how your children will. Are you respectful, kind and do you hold out the best for everyone whose name passes your lips? If you wish to raise children who are kind, demonstrate it yourself on a regular basis. SHOW, don't TELL! I just posted that on my facebook page, but thought it might be important to add here, too!


Have you been less than kind in some of the things you have said about others?  Leave that in the past and join up with those of us who believe in the power of LOVE.  I have often tweeted "Love, it turns out, is really all you need!"  Now, there is a graphic to keep that foremost in your mind!

Happy Parenting, as always....from Kidlutions!


naomi said…
Love family and friends are all you need. I agree Wendy. We want our children to be kind and compassionate towards others and they do hear how and what we say.

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