Getting Out of the House on Time with Kids

Getting Out of the House on Time with Kids

If you are like most parents, getting out the door on time with your kids poses a big challenge. Morning madness plays itself out in homes across the land.  Keeping kids on track with their morning routine can be a point of contention, and the stress the family experiences can set the tone for the whole day.  The morning countdown can be brutal, but now it doesn't have to be so hard. Nosiree! In fact, mornings can be a little more cheerful, thanks to the awesome idea one of my co-workers uses!

The Morning Routine

Toni (the gal who keeps our office running smoothly, who always has a smile on her face and a laugh to share) was, like so many parents, talking about the struggle it sometimes is to get out the door while making sure her youngest had completed her morning routine.

One day, Toni shared her awesome idea about creating "morning routine sticks" to help her daughter, Miss L, stay on track and beat the clock to get out of the house on time, with all of her morning routine completed. (No more car trips where the kids are saying, "Mom, I didn't brush my teeth," or, "I forgot my backpack!")

Here's the scoop:

Morning Routine Sticks

How Toni Made 'Em

Toni used large craft sticks, glitter glue and a little creativity to whip up these clever routine sticks. (She's always a handy one: creating, organizing and beautifying things around her.)  She then embellished a votive cup with some fancy swirls and whirls...and viola', the Morning Routine Sticks were born!  (If you have really young kids, you'll be safer with a non-breakable container.)

Miss L has some blinged-out sticks that help keep her on track and keep tabs on what she's done and what she still needs to do. 

Here's what's on L's list:

Brush Hair
Wash Hands
Wash Face
Brush Teeth
Make Bed
Clean Room

Of course, you will tailor make yours to whatever your child's routine requires.

How Lil' Miss L uses these sticks:

The sticks are stored on the bathroom counter.  When L completes a task, she simply removes the stick from the container and lays it on the counter.  When the container is empty, she's ready to go. Easy peasy, lemon squeezie!  They are then scooped back up and placed back in the container for the next day.

What's to Love About 'Em 

Lil' Miss L Says: "They are glittery and sparkle and they help me remember!"

Toni Says: "My favorite thing about them is that the only reminder I have to give is, 'Did you do your sticks? All of them?'  I also like that it's something that can be left out on the bathroom counter and still look cute."

I Say: I love so much about these.  They're funky and fun and oh, so cute!  Much more than that, they encourage independence, confidence, responsibility and strengthen executive function in all kids. This is even more meaningful if you have a child with ADHD (or other executive function difficulties). I also think they're more fun than ho-hum check-off boxes and they're reusable.  You just can't go wrong with these lil' cuties!

Here are the ladies behind the story...people I know
in real life!  Toni and Lil' Miss L
(both as beautiful on the inside as they are on the out!)


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