My Three Wishes Free Printable

Get the printable HERE!

My Three Wishes

Our newest free printable is excerpted from our resource, The Playful Therapist, a guide that helps therapists, counselors, kid coaches and MORE help get the information they need to do their best and most meaningful work with children and adolescents.  

The Playful Therapist saves time, money and planning for professionals who use it.  

Use Anywhere, Anytime!

You can use this printable as a projective technique in therapy, but it can also be used just for fun in the classroom (teaching kids to DREAM BIG), at a scouting event, in a childcare setting, in a camp, or anywhere kids are!

What's particularly flexible about this printable is that it can be used with the youngest of children, all the way through the teen years! Younger kids can draw pictures in the clouds, while older kids and teens may wish to write and/or draw!

Find the printable HERE. Have fun!

You can see the entire resource, which boasts more than 20 activities, HERE!


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