Healthy Habits Start Early: Kids Eat Clean Freebie

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Start Now and Save the Kids

With childhood obesity at an all-time high, an upsurge of children becoming ill with diseases once associated with only adults and the first generation of kids whose lifespans will be shorter than their parents due to all of the above, it's time we pay attention to save our children. What we have in our pantries and what we put on our tables is entirely up to us. We create the shopping list, go to the market, slide the debit card and cook it all up. WE have the power to change everything. 

Sure, those "crisper-cruncher-chipper-dippers" have fancy packaging, fun, catchy jingles that capture our attention and have become a preferred taste for many, but we know what the long-term effects are from those types of food. We are all guilty of buying quick, low-nutrient foods because our kids will eat them, but we don't have to keep doing it just because we've gotten into the habit. We can do better for our kids by teaching them about clean eating. More than that, we may be pleasantly surprised that our kids actually like and can come to prefer the healthier fare ! (It happened in my house: true story!) 

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We've talked lots about how nutrition impacts behavior {here, here and here} and dedicated precious pages to this concept in BLOOM, as part of an overall approach to raising well-behaved kids. It's pretty important! So important, in fact, that along with Tosca Reno and Dr. Lynne Kenney, we are running a campaign to help all families get in the swing of better health. The #KidsEatClean Campaign is underway, and you can be part of it for FREE! (My fav price-point!)

What You'll Get

When you join up, you'll instantly receive a #kidseatclean bingo game, guidelines for clean eating with kids and a shopping list! It's all bright and colorful and will help kids get into the swing of things with a fun game. Get it all HERE. In fact, if kids knew all the science behind the best food options, we think these whole foods are exactly what they would eat! In a sense, it's what kids would eat if they knew better!

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You Are What You Eat 

You are what you eat. So are your kids. Choose wisely and help kids do the same. The sooner you start, the easier it can be...and it's never too late to start! Don't these printables just have "cuteness" written all over them? The "crisper-cruncher-chipper-dippers" actually kind of pale in comparison, don't ya think?

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Those that join up for the free printables also receive the option to get Tosca's Kids Eat Clean Cookbook, and BLOOM at a discounted price for the bundle! Don't miss out. Either way, you and your kids will be winners! You can purchase right from Tosca's site!

What's one change you can make today when it comes to helping your family eat clean?

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting and Teaching!


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