Back to School Freebie Pack for Teachers, Homeschooling and MORE

Back to School Freebie Pack

We are pleased to offer you our Back to School Freebie Pack just in time for the first day of school!

This resource offers four separate pages/activities where students can write about their summer, write what they hope to learn this coming year, share a fact about themselves and MORE!

It's all yours, at no cost!  Get our freebie here:(While it says "Add to Cart", there is no charge.  It will register as 0.00, and your download is free!)  Don't be scared by the shopping cart icon!

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Here's just some of what you'll find inside:


And Just in Time for Back to School...apples for your students

Can an apple improve social-emotional development?  At Kidlutions it can.  Our all new, apple-themed activity book makes child's play out of affective education.  Identifying and understanding feelings is a crucial step to social-emotional development. This activity book is chock-full of printables, feelings faces and MORE, plus five unique ways to use the feelings face cards.  Our resources are top-notch.  Most of our customers are repeat customers, and they often tell their friends about us!  

Just $8.00

A Sneak Peek Inside

Get your copy here.


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