Punishment won't fix anything!


We live in a society that is so focused on punishment and consequences that we often don't stop to consider that true behavior change occurs in the context of a loving relationship with someone who can provide meaningful guidance and teach appropriate skills.


It is frustrating as adults to deal with whining, hitting, tantrums, sassing and the whole host of other behaviors that push our buttons.


We can learn to look at childhood behaviors in a new way.  We can also respond to these behaviors in more compassionate, caring ways that will promote lasting behavior change, not compliance based on fear.


We can stop personalizing childhood behaviors.  These behaviors have very little, if anything to do with us and everything to do with developmental phases, temperamental traits and more. 

What Can You Do To Change Behavior?

See our post, "Hitting and Biting and Scratching, Oh My!", which appears on Lori Lite's Stress Free Kids blog.  This post will give some starting points to turning things around!   

Punishment won't fix anything,
but YOU can change
EVERYTHING by how YOU respond!
~ Wendy Young, Kidlutions

For more info on how YOU can move away punishment and towards
real, lasting change for behavioral issues, be sure to check out
(2013, Kenny and Young)

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting!


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