The Playful Therapist

Child & Adolescent Therapy Made Easier

Every Child and Adolescent Therapist knows how much planning and intentionality it takes to do good work with their young charges.  They also know that the relationship drives everything...that connecting with a child on a heart level, putting themselves squarely in the child's corner and building rapport with that child provides the foundation for future successful interventions.

In fact, those things all transform a good therapeutic experience into an extraordinary therapeutic experience.  


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Enter: The Playful Therapist

For use by therapists, school counselors, speech therapists,
kid coaches and MORE!

Your Job Just Got Easier

When you use The Playful Therapist, you:

~ Make your job easier by saving hours of prep-time, and planning

~ Have everything together in one handy place to help creatively gather information from children and adolescents

~ Have a variety of techniques and evaluation tools at your disposal, including: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques, projective techniques, affective assessment, playful approaches to identifying and targeting areas of need for goal-setting and MORE

~ Will gather an incredible amount of information that will inform your practice.  You can go back again and again to refer to a child's stated needs and hopes.  You can also gauge progress by having clients fill out a NEW, blank worksheet as treatment progresses, to see what has changed over time!

~ Will be able to use our printables as a springboard to further discussion. We encourage you to expand these notions by creating further, interactive interventions to dig deeper!

What's Inside

You'll get more than 40 pages, containing more than 20 activities to use in therapy or counseling with children and adolescents.  

A Peek Inside

This is just a small sampling of what you'll get in The Playful Therapist. This resource will become a trusted, tried and true guide that you'll return to again and again in your work with children and adolescents.  

This resource offers so much bang for your buck.  With the time it will save you, it pays for itself the first time you use it!  It's one of the biggest bargains on the planet for therapists! We think you're gonna love it!

Buy Now!

Just $12.00

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P.S. If you will be using this resource with multiple therapists, please contact us HERE, for additional licensing.  At just $5.00 per additional therapist, you'll get GREAT value.  And, we'll never charge you for more than 5 extra matter how many you have using it!

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