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Welcome to our printables page!  These printables are FREE for your use at home, in the classroom, or (when applicable) for use with children in therapy.  It's my pleasure to help you prepare our small people to become socially and emotionally competent. I spend hours creating PDF's, posts and more to share with you for FREE. In return, I would be grateful if you would:

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3. Come back again!  We'll add new resources in the future!

The "Kidlution Revolution"

This set of printables started it all.  Over a dozen printables on self-esteem, anger management, divorce, grief and loss, etc. 

Anger Toolbox for Kids

Our Anger Toolbox for Kids provides an introduction to our anger management system for kids.  Kidlutions helps kids deal with some tough stuff in life.  Anger is one of our specialties!

Need to find a way to calm things down? Try a quick foot rub, using reflexology! Find it HERE.
The link will take you to the Posh page.  
The PDF looks a bit different than ours,
but all the basics are on it! 

What is your family doing tonight?  Get 6 fresh ideas, and a planner to include the whole family. Get it all HERE.

Grab a copy of our Peaceful Parenting printable here.


This one comes in a variety of colors, which you can see at the original post.

When you are having one of "those days" as a parent, remind yourself that you can start all over again!

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How BIG is Your Child's Anger

This post links to the download!


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