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Teletherapy with Kids and Teens is Live

Click the image above or go HERE to learn about our new platform for clinicians!
Teletherapy with Kids and Teens is LIVE!
We've been working late nights and early mornings to get our new platform for clinicians rolled out, and tonight is the night! It's here, it's here and I'm so excited to share!
Whether you are a school social worker, school counselor, child therapist, child psychologist, school based mental health provider or private practitioner, this platform and suite of resources is for YOU!
Teletherapy with Kids Poses Unique Challenges
If you work with kids online, you know the trouble points. And you know how much time it takes to prepare for each child. We can't do excellent work if we show up without a plan and without options to fall back on if an activity misses the mark. And all of this takes time. 
Here's a Bit of What You Get:
Done for You Acitivites
We've put tons of work in, so you don't have to! Challenge yourself (or your team) to think more…

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Teletherapy with Kids and Teens: Sneak Peek!

Teletherapy with Kids and Teens

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