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In Defense of Mom Jeans, No Matter the Size

Do You Own a Pair of Mom Jeans?
Oh, no!  The dreaded mom jeans!  
Do you own a pair?  
I do, and here is why I'm proud to "rock the mom jeans"!  
They aren't size 5, or even a size 10, although "mom jeans" do come in those sizes and some of my best friends wear them!  These mom jeans are filled with legs that have stood the test of time.
The Legs in These Mom Jeans Have:

~ Helped build tents, forts, cars, and space galaxies, all within the confines of the living room
~ Witnessed tantrums that could make your eye-cross, your toes curl and your straight hair go wavy
~ Helped kids bury the goldfish and say good-bye to a beloved dog
~ Helped find lost homework, misplaced shoes and permission slips that were two days past due
~ Done battle (on multiple occasions) with a punitive educator, whose unkind ways and spiteful tactics reflect more of what she likely experienced in her own life than what she intended to pass on to others
~ Made homemade playdough, paste a…

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