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Holiday Stress Busters for the Whole Family

1.You do YOU!

It’s cliché, but it’s imperative. With all the hoopla you can find online via social media…with perfectly decked out halls and trees, scrumptious looking feasts and pictures of happy families, it’s easy to be misled to believe that everyone else is having the “perfect” holiday. Meanwhile sibling squabbles, a burnt turkey and a tree toppled over by the family cat await you…ornaments strewn from end to end in the house. Remember that what you see on social media is a highlights reel...and even people with perfectly edited pictures are human beings and, as such, are prone to every frustration and mishap that you are. Nobody is exempt. Do not compare, do not compare, do not compare!

2. Keep it Positive

Though situations call for tough measures...and it's as easy as some positive self-talk. This needn't be anything elaborate. It's as simple as repeating the phrase "You Got This!" in your head as often as is necessary. Need little reminders? Get yourself a c…

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