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Helping Little Kids Understand the Coronavirus

Helping Little Kids Understand Coronavirus
Young children mostly take their cues about how to react to situations from the adults and caregivers around them. The Coronavirus poses certain challenges because it is an unprecedented situation and the experts don't yet have all the answers. Still, we can help young children cope and increase their sense of safety, by sharing what we do know, in a developmentally appropriate way.
The infographic below shares information from the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control. 

Helping Little Kids Understand Coronavirus

1. Talk About It
Most children would have heard about the virus or seen people wearing masks. This is your opportunity to keep them informed and set the tone.
2. Be Developmentally Appropriate
Try answering their questions instead of volunteering too much information as this may be overwhelming.
3. Let them talk about their worries
Be open and invite them to discuss what they may have heard and how they feel. 

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