Ghost Stories for Kids

Hauntingly Good Times

Most (though not all) kids enjoy the thrill of a minor scare by hearing ghost stories.  Many of us  have fond memories of sitting around a campfire, or turning off all the lights, save for one lone flashlight while we listened to a frightful tale.  But how do you pick an age-appropriate tale for your with just enough "scare" factor, that won't leave them sleepless for the next few nights?

Ghostly Guidelines:

1. Never force a child to listen to ghost stories.  Some simply do not like them, no matter their age.  Some adults don't like scary movies, either.  Honor your child's personal preferences.

2. Never belittle a child for not wanting to hear a ghost story, even if all of his/her peers LOVE them.  "Everyone has their own preferences.  It is okay if you don't like scary stories."

3.  If sharing ghost stories with your child, pick out books that are in your child's appropriate age range.

This great American Folklore site gives incremental doses of being "scared silly", ranging from stories to the littlest campers (not scary at all),

all the way to "leave the lights on" scary!

Want to expand your horizons?  More than 17 ghost stories are available at TLC.

{Photo Source: TLC}

Here are some quick picks available on for your kids' frightful pleasures!  Be sure to check the recommended age group before ordering. 

Do you have a favorite "ghost story" you loved in your youth?  Have you shared it with your kids? 

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