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A Love Affair with Books

Is there anything better than losing yourself in a good book?  I think not!  I have had a love affair with books that predates my ability to read!  One of my fond memories is when the Scholastic Book Order day would roll around and my mom would let me select a few books for my collection.  I'd wait excitedly for the order to come in, and rush home to read my new bounty.  Those were the days!  In between orders, I'd satisfy my craving for a good book with trips to the library. That was long before Kindle was around, so I'd lug about six books home (as many as the librarian would allow)!

Open Up a Book, Open Up an Adventure

Books can transport, transform and enlighten us.  They entertain, inspire and so much more.  Books take us on an amazing journey without us ever having to leave our favorite easy-chair or get a passport.  Wow! No wonder books enthrall!  Instilling a love of reading in your kids is a gift that will last a lifetime. 

Summer Reading

Since kids can lose a few months worth of learning over the long summer break, it is a particularly important time to encourage and support reading for your kids.  This task is much easier when it's a part of your daily routine and everyone in the family is on board.  Yep. Mom and dad, that means you, too!  If you want kids who read, you need to be parents who read.  That's the old "Monkey See, Monkey Do" technique.  Works like a charm, most of the time.  When kids can take ownership and responsibility for their own reading, it's a match made in heaven.

On the Right Track

Our Summer Reading Fun printable will help get your kids on the right track and keep them there all summer!  With places to jot down interesting ideas of where they'd like to read their books (under the stars, in a tent, at the beach, etc.), to what books they have read, to what the main idea in the books were (if they so choose), our Summer Reading Fun printable will be a steady companion on your kids' journey to become a great reader and deeper thinker.  (And someday, they may thank you when they get their ACT scores in the mail  an email!)

One of Summer's Newest Books

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While we are on the subject of books, I have to tell you about a smashing new summer reader for the middle school crowd. In the Berry Patch is a book set in Michigan's rural Upper Peninsula. Linda Maki-Griffis, the author of the book, is a local mom and writer. I'll tell you more about her in a future post. For now, I just want to give you a head's up about this not-to-be-missed book. The book chronicles Linda's growing up years in the U.P., along with her adventures in our rural locale. Her descriptive style and endless antics pull the reader in and make them want more. I read it aloud to my kids, and it was nostalgic. It was reminiscent of the days I used to read the Little House series aloud to them, only it was better. Better because it was written by someone we actually know...and the story takes place in a setting we call home.

Whether you live in a rural or metropolitan area, your middle schooler will find something to like about this book! So will you! I suggest reading it together for some nostalgic time of your own

More Reading Inspiration

Looking for more inspiration to encourage young readers?  Check out our Pinterest Boards. We have several boards on reading!


Special Reading Needs

If you have a child or adolescent with special reading needs (ADHD  or dyslexia, etc.), I highly recommend that you check out the award-winning Reading Focus Card by Brennan Innovators.   It is an excellent tool to help kids achieve more success with reading. 

Joan Brennan, of Brennan Innovators, has an incredible blog that will also be of great to utility to parents whose children have reading difficulties! You can visit Help for Struggling Readers with just a click!

Now get reading!

As always from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}!

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Joan Brennan said…
Many thanks for including links to our blog and our Reading Focus Cards here, Wendy!

This is an excellent article with a FREE download that will help many parents prepare for a great summer ahead with their children.

Thank you for ALL you do to continually promote literacy and support families with growing children! You and Kidlutions are just awesome!

Joan Brennan

It is my pleasure to share information about fabulous companies such as yours! I adore your blog and all of the great content that you share with families and educators!

I hope you are well!

Wendy =)

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