Stressless Summer Tour: Family Staycations!

This post by Louise Sattler or Signing Families is part of our Stressless Summer Tour:

Take a Staycation

Many families have been impacted by budget cuts, forced furloughs, lay-offs and financial stress due to unforeseen natural disasters. These are tough economic times. Yet, that does not mean your family cannot enjoy a “break” from the daily routine. Think STAYCATION!

What's a Staycation?

Staycation is when you play tourist in your own backyard! You literally are enjoying your locale by making day trips or short overnight stays for cheap! Some people literally STAY on their staycation, and turn their homes in to their own personal vacation oasis. Either way – this is a creative alternative to having family fun that can be educational and recreational!

Getting Started

First stop a trip to the local library. Here you can ask for resources on events and notable places to visit that are within an hour drive. Sometimes there are real gems in your area, such as a small museum, hiking paths or outdoor movies sponsored by local parks and recreation groups.

I started my staycation by putting in to my internet search bar “STAYCATION Los Angeles” (Where I live). Up popped a variety of ideas for families, from known tourist spots to ones that are off most people’s radar. I also noticed that using the terms “family fun LA” generated a list of events that were often FREE – including music and art in the park. I made a list, starring the ones that I thought were the most interesting. (This same list also will come in handy for out of town guests who may want to discover the area, too).

More "Pinspiration"

Pinterest was a great way for me to find information on how to make not leaving “home” a staycation, too! This particular list caught my attention. Again, but simply using some key words and phrases I got a zillion ideas!

The key to having a successful vacation – near and far – is to leave your stress at home. (For many that means turning off the electronics and going “unplugged”).

Happy Vacation Everyone!

Louise Sattler is a School Psychologist, founder of  SIGNING FAMILIES and co-founder of 411 VOICES. Connect with Louise or send media inquiries via mailto:

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naomi said…
I find that there is so much on your doorstep when you look for it and I know from experience from speaking to other mums and dads there are places I have never ventured out to. Share ideas, do research - it all helps and staying at home can be fun and cheap too!

I agree! We have enough to keep us busy and entertained right in our own backyards. Literally and figuratively!

Wendy =)

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