Cool Down Strategies for Kids

Kids Get Angry.
It's a Fact of Life.
We Can Help Them.
That's a Fact, Too! 

While this little gem has sat quietly on our sidebar for a while and has been shared with our newsletter subscribers, (join us, it's FREE!) we just realized that we did not give a proper introduction to our readers here on our blog.  So, without further ado...I introduce you to:

This resource is being used the USA, Africa, Ireland, Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia and MORE! It's used in homes, classrooms and therapy/counseling offices and more.  It can help your child better deal with anger, too!

This resource provides cognitive, emotional and behavioral interventions, along with strategy cards, an action planner and ideas to adapt it to a preschool population!

What you get:

Printable Strategy Cards with "Thinking, Feeling and Doing" approaches

Instructions for five (5) unique ways to use the cards

An Action Planner to help kids prepare for angry times and have a 
plan (expandable to as many pages as you need to help a child learn coping skills).

Adaptations for use with younger children (preschool age)

29 pages total

Keep it cool with Kidlutions! 

See more and get your copy HERE!

 Therapeutic grade interventions for use anywhere! Portable and perfect for the traveling therapist, too! Just $19.99.


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