No Need for Naughty Lists Workbook

It’s just hard to wrap our brains around the fact that we can get kids to behave better without punishing them.  But, I know it is true from years of clinical work, and parenting my own kids.  In fact, I know that teaching new skills actually helps kids behave better, SOONER! 

In our last post, we talked about why we need to eradicate "Naughty Lists".  They even talk about this concept in the movie "Fred Claus".  Watch again if you missed it in the past!

Steps Towards Better Behaviors

As I was forming the idea for my post, No More Naughty Lists, it occurred to me that I could take it one step further and provide parents, caregivers, educators and other therapists and counselors with a workbook that was full of activities and ideas to help kids expand their mental muscles and take steps towards new and better behaviors. 

Here’s what I came up with:

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Just $19.99
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our site with the link above.

What you get:

35 pages loaded with the good stuff:

2 Posters
A Workbook for Kids (You may customize it for the age group you serve)
Good Choice Making Handout
Kindness Handout
Kindness Coupons

clipart by Mellonheadz


“The Magic Star Technique” is included to help kids learn a simple way to make good choices.

These techniques work all year long, whether you celebrate Christmas or not.  This resource is not about Christmas, it just borrows from the theme of “Naughty and Nice Lists”.  The inside of the workbook does not have references to Christmas, so it may be used year round.

Just $19.99
Just $8.00

When purchased through 
our site with the link below.

NOTE: contents of the resource as the SAME contents found
in Kids for Kindness. If you have that resource, there is no need to
purchase this one! Kids for Kindness evolved from this, so that it could
be used year 'round. This resource may also be used year 'round.

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Kirstan Beatty said…
This looks like a great resource but I work overseas. Is there any possibility of buying this in an electronic form?
Hi Kirstan,

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for your interest in Kidlutions!

All of our products are instant downloads, so there should be no problem at all in purchasing and downloading. Once payment is received via Pay Pal, you will receive an email with a link to your download.

Our resources are used worldwide!

Wendy =)

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