Cranky Kid? Try a Foot Rub! Reflexology for All

Cranky Kid? Try a Foot Rub! 

Most cranky, stressed out kids respond well to physical touch.  A foot massage, following the map above for "relax" and "nerves" can work wonders and really set the tone for a better day.  Try it and see! Better yet, why not start and end the day with a quick, five-minute foot rub to help your kids get off to a great start or end the day on a relaxing note.  It may just become a favorite childhood memory for your kids! (Hint: This works for teens and spouses, too!)

How Will I Find the Time?

Don't think you have time for it?  Remember, an ounce of prevention! Yep! Think about how much time you spend intervening, guiding and dealing with crankiness, bad attitudes and frustrated kids.  All kids experience it from time to time, intense kids even more so.  Be proactive.

Human Touch Changes Brains

A little bit of gentle human touch does wonders for our health.  It changes our biochemistry, and improves our immune system.  Happy brains make for happy people.  Read more about these benefits HERE. Just five minutes can make a huge difference! Set a timer and when it dings, the foot rub is done! Easy peasy lemon squeezie!

Reflexology to Reduce Stress

It's been talked about far and wide, including on the Dr. Oz show. The ancient Chinese practice of reflexology has been around for thousands of years. The concept of stimulating pressure points in various locations of the body to relieve stress and/or to stimulate the body's natural healing process has been used through the ages.  If you've ever enjoyed a foot massage, you know the benefits!

Kick It Up a Notch 

You can do a foot rub with no other supplies other than your two hands. Or, you can make your foot massage more enjoyable by adding in any number of products that enhance the effects. These are affilate links:

Earth Therapeutics Reflexology Foot Massage Lotion

Badger FOOT BALM Certified Organic Moisturises & Repairs Dry Cracked Feet 21g


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