Feelings Mountain: A Resource To Help Tweens, Teens and Beyond Deal with Difficult Feelings

If you know a tween or teen who continues to get tripped up by BIG feelings, you are not alone.  I have worked with tweens, teens AND adults with this exact concern for years.  They come to my office, and then we set to work on helping them learn new tools to change it all around for the BETTER! Through the years, I've found out what has been most helpful, and now I'm happy to be able to share it with those who may benefit the most!  

The Cost of NOT Doing Anything

We know that failure to deal with feelings appropriately can lead to dysfunction, as well as anxiety and depression.  

The Beauty of Learning Better Coping Skills

Being able to process and resolve difficult feelings can enhance one’s overall well-being and satisfaction in life.

This resource can help when:

~ Emotions are complex, confusing, and difficult to understand

~ Feelings are hard to shake

~ Feelings linger longer than the event that actually caused them 

~ Emotions interfere with a person’s functioning

This resource is made specifically for middle school and high school students, but is also appropriate for use with college-aged students and adults who are struggling with similar issues.  

This workbook will help the reader understand how and why feelings can become overwhelming. 

This workbook teaches the difference between primary and secondary feelings and focuses on three of the most common primary feelings on which we get tripped up:

~ We’ll look at the 5 Ways Secondary Feelings Cause Problems in our Lives


~ We’ll share FACTS about FEELINGS.


~ We’ll share 5 Ways to Deal with DIFFICULT FEELINGS

~ The difference between UPSETTING and UPLIFTING thoughts, and how to change them from one to the other.

~ We’ll help the reader develop their own coping plan

~ Finally, we share how to make it all work for the LONG HAUL

What You'll Get

You'll get more than 50 pages of therapeutic grade interventions, steeped in best practices and research-based interventions that I use in my own office every day.

Here's just a brief, sneak-peek at what's inside:

This Isn't Therapy...But Here's How It Can Help 

While this resource is NOT a substitute for therapy, it does provide the very same tools and information you can obtain in therapy.  At times, a therapist is warranted to help individuals process events and their thought processes.  

Other times, people are capable of reading, learning new skills and incorporating them into their lives on their own. That is what this resource can do for some.  Others may wish to use these activities with a therapist, counselor or coach.

Assistance At Your Fingertips

The activities included in this resource would take about four sessions individually with me to go over and process.  Those four sessions would amount to a total of $580.00.  But you won't pay that for this resource.  

This resource provides assistance at your fingertips.  It will retail for a fraction of that amount...just $89.99 for personal use and $129.00 for professional use (with license to use with as many clients as you wish).

Two versions are available:

For your own private individual use at home:
Just $89.00

Add to Cart


For use by therapists, coaches, etc...comes with license to use with as many clients as you care to:

Just $129.00

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Terms: As an instant download, there is no way to return this product to us. We have given you an outline of what is included in this resource, and these techniques are known to us to be some of the best and most effective ways to deal with and process feelings.  Results cannot be guaranteed, as results are only as good as the effort put forth, and the consistent application of these techniques.

Here's what one professional user had to say about this product:

Here's to helping tweens/teens deal with feelings in a healthy manner!

Wendy =)


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