True Colors...

(Disclaimer: This post isn't for everybody. It's for moms and dads who deal with Autism. Or, maybe it's something ADHD, learning disabilities, defiance and oppositionality, temperamental issues, attachment disorders, or any host of diagnostic labels, which I'll just categorize into "LMNOP" *technical jargon for therapists!*. But, pretty much, if you have a kid and you are a parent, this post is for you!)
On the most challenging of days, it is up to us...the people in the big bodies, to see beyond behaviors that make us want to scream while running in the opposite direction. In short, we are called upon to see our kids' true colors at all times. This is easy to do when the waters are calm and the skies are blue, but when a storm is brewing and the waves are crashing down, or the storm has hit...we need to be able to seek refuge in the fact that under all of that growling, snarling and hissing is a kid whose heart belongs to us. Hold tight to the true colors that define who your child really is.

The video above about says it all...two kids with autism sing from the heart. I especially enjoy how kind and supportive their mom is. Give that woman a gold star...or two! She is someone who clearly has dealt with some storms in her life, and yet, she demonstrates beautifully how we can keep ahead of the "storm"...or maybe...when the storm hits, how we can batten down the hatches and ride it out! If you know her, tell her she is as amazing as her children! We can see her "true colors", too!


Annie said…
Wendy, this made me weep...You should post this on YouTube this minute. It's very powerful. We all have gloriously vibrant true colors and yet... how many of us adults see what's truly there? In others. Or even in ourselves? If we could show our true colors, ie., our compassion that knows no fear, then I'm convinced we'd be doing a better job raising human beings who look beyond labels.

Brava to you and give those kids of yours a hug from a true fan in California.
Annie, I'm glad this touched a chord with you. These kids actually belong to a woman named Taryn, whom I have never met, yet I know she is divine! It is originally from You Tube, but it looks like that end got chopped off due to sizing issues. I'll have to go back and fix it, so all can see. Hope to see you back! Thanks for stopping by!

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