Finding Your Own Happiness: Kid-style

Finding Your Own Happiness

It’s an early Saturday morning and I hear the TV go on in the living room. A DVD is popped in and the movie starts. About ten minutes later, I walk into the living room where my youngest son has draped himself comfortably across the couch…his lanky legs thrown over the back of it.

We are actually more than two months into our summer hiatus from television, but the kids do watch DVDs when the mood hits. Such is the case on this rainy Saturday morning. (The TV hiatus was a family decision…and one that the kids have not complained about. Not once!)

It's All We've Got!

“This movie any good?” I inquire?

“I have to make it good,” he replies, “it’s the only one we've got!” (We are in the middle of a move. Betwixt and between. Half of our belongings with us, and half of our belongings five hours away in our new locale.)

Ahhhhhh….music to my motherly ears. Finding gratitude where you could otherwise find fault. Being content with what you have. Making whatever it is that is going on in your life at the moment “work” for you.

Perception is Everything

Perception is everything. Perception and attitude. HOW we choose to look at something and the attitude we have towards it colors our experience with it. We get to choose.

This 10-year-old little person, one of three whom I love immeasureably, shares the secret of a happy life. Summed up in few seconds worth of conversation. We make our own happiness.


I love that you see the value in little comments like this. Any time my kids say something similar I tell my husband, "See!? They do hear us! They understand...even if they don't make that clear every day. The lessons are inside their heads, regardless."

Moments like this make us aware of just how much value there is in modeling GOOD and POSITIVE attitudes for our children.

I have no doubt your kids learned this sense of contentment from YOU :-)
Yup! And I think a reminder to us that we need to continue pressing through with it on a daily basis...even when it seems that our efforts fall on deaf ears. Because one see those efforts really pay off. Makes a mom want to jump for joy, to see such things spontaneously spew forth from her kids' lips! Yup, Shara...those lessons are in their heads..and in their hearts!

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