Make Thumbsucking a Thing of the Past with Thumbuddy to Love (tm): GIVEAWAY

Thumbsucking can be a very difficult habit to break.  We know that support and encouragement go a much longer way than embarassment and punitive measures.  That's why I was so glad to be able to feauture Fireman Fred, from the Thumbuddy to Love (tm) collection on my "Back-to-School COOL" series on

I have one Fireman Fred set for a giveaway, that comes complete with the thumb-puppet of Fireman Fred, the storybook, and cute little carrying case.  It also comes with stickers and a chart to keep track of your child's progress.

To enter, just go to our facebook page, scroll down a bit to find the post for Fred's giveaway, leave a comment and that's it.  We'll do the rest.  A winner will be drawn early next week (August 17th to be exact) act fast!

To read the original review on Fireman Fred, go here.


mamaski said…
I love this product!! My kids loved it too...It is called Thumbuddy To Love (not Thumbuddy Loves Me)

Thanks for pointing that out! I already went in and changed it. That's what spending 10 hours at the computer in one day will get you! Typos/errors, not to mention a possible headache!

Thank goodness I got it right in my original review on!

Wendy =)
Congratulations to Jill Chuckas, who won our Fireman Fred giveaway courtesy of Thumbuddy to Love(tm)!


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