Teachers with Pizazz

One of the joys of working with kids in my line of business, is being privy to the insights that they spontaneously share.  The other day, a young chap shared with me that he thought he might like to be a gym teacher when he grows up.  He then added, "Wouldn't that be great to get paid for having fun all day?"  I couldn't agree with him more.  Finding something you love to do and then getting a pay check for it really is nirvana.

This child expanded on this notion an added, "You know, you can really tell when a teacher LOVES what she is doing!" 

"How?" I inquired.

"Well, they're having fun and they can help you have fun while you are learning.  You can just tell they LOVE it!"

The jury is out, and this little boy confirmed what we've always known...kids know

They know when somebody gets a charge out of spending time with them. 

They know when somebody enjoys sharing the love of learning. 

They know when someone has that certain pizzaz that sparks a student to reach higher, dream bigger, believe in more.

Thank-you, teachers, for working your magic.  You know who you are! 

Your students do, too!


He's right. I could always peg my teachers who loved the job and those who were just waiting to retire - with benefits.

When we love what we do, it shows. It doesn't really feel like "work" either. When I make a book for someone and then get a check for it, I almost feel guilty. I've spent HOURS working on the book but still - I loved every minute of it so it feels odd to get paid for what I love to do.

Silly, eh? :-)

Thanks for the post and yes, very similar to the one I put up today. We are "same page people" Miss Wendy Woman.
Yes, Shara...I have seen those Personal Child Stories you write...and it shows that you LOVE it, that's why they are worthy of our Kidlutions Preferred Product Award!


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