Building a Better World

These prints make my heart smile!  How about you? I came across them here, after meeting a new friend, Jennifer Hallissy (@justwritejen), on twitter.  I checked out her awesome blog and found a link to this artist (LOVE)! 

I imagine these prints framed and hanging in my office...a point of inspiration for the youth I work with in the schools.  Some don't yet believe these things about themselves...but I see these things in each and every student who walks through my door!  Can you imagine the kind of world we could build if every child, every tween, every teen (and, yes, every adult)...really believed all of the above about themselves?  Just thinking about it makes me all kinds of giddy.

Peeps and Tweeps who Change the World

I believe it is possible to build a better world...and I've met so many fab people worldwide who work tirelessly to this end.  That makes my heart smile, too!  Here is just a handful of my friends who do amazing things to change the world:

MommyPerks : Shara Lawrence-Weiss...I don't think she ever sleeps, but she insists she does!  She runs about 100 websites (from biz to PR, to early childhood) and has three young children of her own...all of whom provide tremendous entertainment!

Signing Families : Louise Masin, generous, real. FUN! Communication for special needs and ALL children. She's the mom of a real (working) actor and another one that goes to my Alma Mater (small world).

Dr. Lynne Kenney : Dr. Kenney is one down-to-earth Doc, with tons of great ideas that change brains and change lives.  Never pretentious and always right on target. She's in the trenches along with the rest of us!

braininsights :  Deborah McNelis will help you get your child off on the right start from birth...tons of useable and accessible ways to grow your baby's brain. Don't parent a baby or young child without her!

Sue Atkins : My friend "across the pond".  Upbeat, parenting-guru that's all about creating stronger, more healthy families.  Never preachy...she's been there before! She's still there now, with two teens under her roof!

Stress Free Kids : Lori Lite has all the right resources to help kids, tweens, teens and even adults deal with STRESS!

Annie Fox : Annie Fox, she rocks!  She's created an uber-cool book series for tween/teens called Middle School Confidential.  She helps this age group deal with some of the biggest challenges in wonderful way!

More Game Changers

See award-winning products that are exemplary in the realm of social-emotional development...and help grow GREAT kids!  (Social-emotional skills are key to making ours a better world.)

And be sure to check out the winners of our newly launched award, the Kidlutions Seal of Approval, for products that change lives

If you aren't tired of clicking links, be sure to check out our own Kidlution Revolution: Social Emotional Skill-Building for EVERY child! If you haven't hopped on the bandwagon, you can do so here. Members get over a dozen printables to help kids (ages 3-8) develop self-esteem, build friendship skills, manage anger, and MORE!

What do you do to make it a more wonderful world?  Do you think these prints are as cool as I do?
Comments and ideas welcome here!

Comments are so sweet! I was feeling down tonight due to something I witnessed happening to a child friend of ours (this evening). I needed a pick-me-up so thank you. You always seem to come to the rescue, right on time! You're great at making the world a better place, you know.
Awwwww...Shara, feel better soon. The acts of kindness you bestow are a healing balm for that child...I am sure of it. Thanks for showing others how it's done!

Wendy =)
Deborah McNelis said…
Wendy, You are so incredibly wonderful!! Your heart shines through in all you do. Thank you for all you do to make a tremendous difference in this world. Thanks for sharing and "teaming" up with all of these wonderful women, to create an even greater impact... and thank you for the honor of including me this amazing group!
It is my dream to have every adult do all they can to ensure that the day arrives.... when EVERY child knows the words on these posters are true! I can NOT wait!!

Can you feel the momentum? I know the day is gettng closer! Your Brain Activity Packets are taking us one step closer! Woot!

Wendy =)
Deborah McNelis said…
YES I can!! Ironically, this is exactly the same question I asked on my BRAIN Initiative this week!! Because, YES.. I can feel it is finally happening -- -- Yeah for the kids!!(and for all of us...because we ALL benefit when ALL children develop healthy brains!)
naomi said…
Love the prints - yes very cool. Wendy what do I do to make it a more wonderful world - well I coach kids and make them happier and for me that's what life is all about - helping make the next generation more savvy assertive, confident, problem solving children who are happy just being themselves.

YES YOU DO! Your work goes a far, far way towards changing the world! Thank you for all that you do and all that you bring to the table!

Wendy =)
Miranda J said…
I bought one of these posters for my daughter. She loves it!

Whitney Johnson
AWESOME! I love their simplicity and their intensely powerful message! They are like the "Altoid" mint of prints! =)


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