Summer: Boredom Busting Jar

We're Bored!

The kids couldn’t wait for summer vacation…but not long after the sound of the last school-bell came a chorus of …“We're bored!” What to do?

Below is a list of fun and cheap activities. We recommend you cut the ideas into strips and store them in an empty container or shoe box. At the slightest hint of “boredom”, have your child pull one idea out of the container! Start with our ideas and then make up some of your own!

Boredom Buster Jar

Make a "Boredom Busting Jar" by taking these ideas, cutting them into strips, and adding them to a clean, empty peanut butter or other such plastic jar.  To make it easier, I've put it all into a PDF for you!

1. Make a “ball” out of aluminum foil and play catch with somebody. Nobody around to play with? Throw the ball into a large, empty bowl. How many times can you make it?

2. Create a “tent” in your living room with your parent’s permission. How many chairs and blankets did you have to use?

3. Pretend like you are an inventor. What would you invent? Draw a picture of your invention!

4. Go to the library! Find a book that teaches you how to do something new!

5. Create a “magic carpet” by taping squares of construction paper together. Decorate your “magic carpet”.  What adventure will your carpet take you on today?

6. Build a castle with empty cereal boxes!

7. Go outside and make rubbings of the bark from different trees in your yard. Which one do you like best?

8. Make some “thinking of you cards” for residents of a nursing home and deliver them with your parents!

9. Make up your own story and draw illustrations!

10.  Make feelings faces and have someone guess the feeling!

Grab a nifty copy of this in PDF...with the activities in larger print!

Make it a GREAT summer!

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