Who needs tutoring? Adam Wes Academics answers that question and more!

Students in many parts of the country are preparing to head back to school, while for others, school has already begun.  A new academic year can bring plenty of challenges...and some struggles, too.  If you've ever wondered if your child might benefit from a tutor, listen to what Adam Wes Academics, our guest poster for today,  has to say about it: 

Students should not learn from a calculator

In November 2006, Adam Wes Academics was born from an idea: Students should not be learning from a calculator or simply memorizing how to solve each type of problem, rather, students should be solidifying the foundations of a subject and developing a genuine understanding. It seems that our school system prides themselves on test scores and the percentage who actually graduate rather than the comprehensive knowledge of their students.

Classroom size may lead to your student's demise
It seems as though lectures in classrooms are getting bigger and bigger as the years go on. The philosophy that students learn best in one-on-one environments is not a new concept. Instruction is the crucial factor in focusing academics toward the student's unique comprehension. A student must fully grasp the foundation of the subjects they are learning to advance properly - but with group lectures and full classrooms, it is hard to ensure students are doing just that. However, while tutoring, a student is immersed in a highly effective environment where the tutor gives full attention to what the student needs to learn and grow.

Make learning fun

Parents may recognize that their child is struggling but not know why. For some reason, society sees education as purely necessary and it is not viewed often as fun or exciting. Living in America, we are extremely lucky that not only is education provided for all children but it is mandatory. Education should be enjoyed and regarded as more than a means to an end; yet for a student who is struggling, this is nearly impossible. Many students see school and educational activities as a burden, but if education is made more appealing, the student’s attitude can shift to a point where he or she can become excited by the idea of learning.

Even students that excel can benefit from tutoring

Tutoring is different for each student. If a student is excelling in math or science, he or she may think tutoring is unnecessary, where in actuality, tutoring can be hugely beneficial because it pushes the student to his or her full potential. How many parents out there hear their child say they were “bored” in school today? It could be an easy fix- challenge them! Learning with the right tutor cultivates a student’s enthusiasm toward education. As parents, its not unknown factor that every moment counts. When there is school, then homework, then football practice, followed by dinner and family time- when is there time for tutoring? When a schedule is that hectic (and let’s face it, for most kids it is) tutoring becomes even more important because it substantially cuts down the time needed to master a given concept. Adam Wes believes that his students’ time is their most valuable commodity - utilizing it efficiently is critical to the edge that a student needs to succeed in our competitive world.

School is starting back up which means it is a hectic time for parents and students alike. When stocking up for the new school year, consider adding tutoring to the shopping list. It could very well turn out to be the best thing purchased for your child’s education.

For more information please check out http://www.adamwes.com/


Memorizing without understanding is just temporary knowledge. This post is right. A student must understand so he can use or utilize that knowledge for a long time. This is the reason why I asked for a tutor from SAT prep queens to help my child. Sometimes, a child needs extra time to study so he can understand, particularly the difficult subjects.

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