Feelings go hand in hand with Halloween

Halloween is a GREAT time to teach young children about feelings!

Here at Kidlutions, we believe that every day is a great day to help young children explore and understand feelings, but Halloween makes it just that much more magical.  Thanks to all of the plentiful pumpkins, which lend themselves beautifully to becoming jack-o-lanterns, feelings faces abound this time of year.   Not only can these "pumpkin faces" sport just about any feeling, they can also demonstrate the subtle nuances of a feeling!

Here is a collection of our past posts that highlight all of the "fun with feelings" you can have with your young'uns this Halloween season:

Pumpkin Feeling Faces - Go on a scavenger hunt for pumkin feeling faces and make some pumpkin faces at home that never spoil!

Pumpkin Feelings Faces II - Extending the fun with Pumpkin Feeling Faces

A Pumpkin's Contribution to Social Emotional Development - Includes a printable for making a pumpkin booklet with feelings faces!

How Do You Say "Boo" to Bad Habits? - This activity helps kids learn healthy habits in a fun way at Halloween time!

More Resources for Fall
that Teach Social Skills:

Find the Fall Bundle by clicking HERE!

Have a fabulous Halloween!

If you're working on helping your child deal with feelings (and I hope you are), here are some more posts that you might like:

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