Is Your Child Performing Well Academically?

Is Your Child Performing Well Academically?

How is school going for your child this year? Have you suspected that your child would benefit from a tutor, but there don’t happen to be any such services where you reside? The answer may be just a few clicks away with the heralding of online tutors. Adam Wes Academics highlights how your child’s needs may be served from afar.

Following is a guest post by Natasha Sattler (who also provided a guest post in the past, entitled: Who Needs Tutoring?) on behalf of Adam Wes Academics:

Online Options for Students Needing More Support

Now that the school year has begun, the topic of choice for most educational sites has been online classes. An environment that drastically changes the way education is approached has sparked a remarkable amount of interest and has led Adam Wes, CEO of Adam Wes Academics, to respond to the many questions that are circulating regarding this topic.

Creative Options to Different Learning Styles

Online classes are typically being held to the same standard of traditional classes; however the advances in technology allow for advances in creativity within this realm. This allows programs to cater to different learning styles. Adam Wes Academics has begun to work virtually when tutoring and as a company, have noticed that the benefits to online learning extend far beyond saving time and paper.

More Direct Instruction

In traditional classrooms, a teacher is limited and is teaching from afar; however in an online classroom, the material is closer than ever and the teacher is able to give more individualized attention to each student. The flexibility of online classrooms allows for students to explore in ways they never could before. They are watching videos in an instant, they are researching faster than ever and they are expanding their knowledge in a way that has not previously been discovered.

Is Online Learning as Good as In-Person Learning?

A main concern that parents have when considering the option of online learning is whether or not a student will have as much of a quality learning experience online as they would in person. The truth is, every student is different and therefore it makes it a tricky question to answer. But, options for online learning make it easier than ever to meet the needs of all types of learners.

What About Cheating?

Cheating on a test is just as easy in a traditional classroom as it is in an online setting and it all depends on the teacher and their level of moderation. A teacher can find creative ways to monitor their students online just like they would in a classroom.

If cheating is a concern, teachers can also come up with more creative ways to approach the concept of testing a student’s knowledge such as essays or projects. It is easier than ever to create and upload videos, Power Points, mp3 files, etc. so why not let students get more hands on experience and allow for them to gain the knowledge they need for the future in a way that they will more likely remember.

Online Tutoring Solves Logistical Issues

Tutoring online makes it easy for students to get the help they need with the flexibility to fit a busy student’s schedule. For students, especially in more rural locations, traveling or finding time to work in a tutoring session is sometimes near impossible but with online tutoring, it is easier than ever to stay on track and make sure that every student is getting the most out of learning.

Change can be difficult but once you realize the endless opportunities than an online educational environment can bring, it is almost guaranteed that you will be hooked for life. If you wish to try online tutoring, check out to get started.

Thanks, Natasha. You are so right. Online tutoring is a great option for folks that live in a rural area such as I do. There are no local tutoring agencies with qualified and screened tutors that parents can tap into for their children. I'm sure that parents living in metropolitan areas will appreciate saving on the commute. Thanks for your post!


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