Are You Feeding Your Child Too Much? Not Enough?

Do Parents Need a Nutrition Degree?

With all of the talk about childhood obesity, parents are often left wondering if they are feeding their children too much. Still, others wonder if their children are eating enough of the right nutrients to help their brains and bodies reach their optimal performance and growth.  At times, parents may feel as if they need to be armed with a nutrion degree in order to raise healthy, happy kids.  Thank goodness that is really not the case since we have a host of experts out there that can help! 

WebMD has some great resources to tell you exactly how big portions should be for your young child.  On their site, you can find information on activity levels and how to engage your kids in becoming more active, as well as handouts on how much sugar is contained in a soft drink (YIKES!), and your child can take daily online challenges to increase his health!  You'll find all that and much, much more!  In addition, they have a dedicated site to help teens with the same issues!

More Resources Around the Web

Nourish MD

For more great resources to help you deal with the proper care and feeding of your kids, I highly recommed NourishMD.  These ladies also hail from Michigan (YAY!) and they are top notch!  They are a great resource for feeding your family whole, healthy foods.  Both Dr. Sue and Angelle are moms themselves, so they are more than up on the dilemmas that face the modern mom when it comes to feeding the kiddos!  You can also follow them on facebook!  They are real, down-to-earth, and accessible.  So kind, too!

My Feelings Are Hungry

Ava Parnass is the author of My Feelings are Hungry, one of the most novel books on the food-mood connection for kids.  This book has garnered one of our Kidlutions Preferred Product Awards for Social-Emotional Development.  It is a huge step in the fight on childhood obesity.  I highly recommend you have this book in your child's library, whether overweight is an issue or not.  For kids who are struggling with maintaining a healthy weight, this book can be a game-changer!

Show Me How

 One more of our Kidlutions Preferred Product Award Winners for Social-Emotional Development, Vivian Kirkfield, has healthy recipes that are matched with stories and social-emotional skill building. In her book, Show Me How: Build Your Child's Self-esteem Through Reading, Crafting and Cooking, you can find it all!

Spin-Doctor Tip:  No matter the state of your family's current nutrition, you can start making small steps to change it for the better.  The resources above can help.  What do changes have you made to feed your family better and instill better food habits in your kids?  We'd love to hear about it, as well as any resources you'd like to share!


Anonymous said…
GREAT ARTICLE! And very timely as well, with this holiday season of mega-eating upon us. Thank you so much for mentioning Show Me How as one of the resources.
Have a beautiful holiday season...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!
Ava said…
HI Wendy!
Thanks so much for the terrific company in the article and the support and appreciation.

I love all your articles,how and what you write!
We see eye to eye on so many children's issues:)!

You are right today's parents have to be vigilant on so many topics that it can be very overwhelming.

Its important to know which experts to consult with . It seems like you always steer your readers in the right direction.
Thanks again
Ava Parnass

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