If {Therapy} Walls Could Speak

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Inside my therapy offices, both of which are currently located on the campuses of two different schools, I often wonder what the walls would say, could they speak.  I know they would speak of troubles and trials, trauma, and ultimately, triumph.  In those two offices, demons are slayed and fears are put to rest.  Questions are posed and sometimes answered.  Lives are transformed.  Sometimes a little.  Sometimes a lot.  In some cases, I'll never get to see the transformation, only imagine it in my mind's eye.

Some kids come quietly and speak in barely audible tones, whilst others proclaim their woes with the blaring decibels of an 80's boom box.  Quiet or loud, these kids always have a story.  Stories that must be told and heard.  These stories aren't always easy to tell.  They aren't always easy to listen to.  But they must be given voice...and they must fall upon the ears and heart of someone, willing to take it all in and reflect it back...and hopefully, be a starting point for transformation.  A second chance at life that aims for thriving, not just surviving.  For living, not just for existing.

Sometimes there are no words, just glances and head nods.  Sometimes the words are written, as in the various sayings I have scattered around my office:

"Dwell in Possibilities."

"Be courageous."

"Be unstoppable."

Surrounding young people with positive, uplifting messages makes a difference.  I believe it really does.  How we think about things so much influences how we experience things and how we feel about them.  There is no denying it.  Researchers have studied it for ages and continue to do so. 

I'm always taken by optimistic quotes (and have been as long as I can remember).  It's no surprise that my therapy offices have such sayings all around.  It's like getting a happy little present for me when I find a new quote, or a new arrangement of words to hang on my wall or put on my whiteboard. 

Imagine how exciting it has been for me to stumble upon these  beauties. First, I spied this print from Megan at Balancing Home.  I am SO going to print this out, frame it and put up on my office wall:

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And when Kelsey from Tattered & Inked created this little pretty, she probably had NO idea how many lives she would touch.  This is SO going on my office wall, as well!

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Finally, this cutie caught my eye from Kristin at Betty Crocker {wannabe}.  You know what I'll be doing with it, right?

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If your walls could talk, what would they say?  What do you have hanging on your walls that inspires you to do better, reach for more, believe in a better tomorrow?  We'd love to hear it!


Ava said…
love love love it...great as always
I'm so glad you liked my printable :) It means a lot that people use them and get some inspiration from them! I'm an OT student right now and we talk all the time about all the people that affect kid's lives so I know that what you do is so important :) Glad to have found your blog!!!
Thanks for stopping by, Kelsey! I admire all of the good work done by the OTs that I know! Glad to have found your blog, also!

~Wendy =)
naomi said…
My walls would say I support you, you can do anything, you can only be the best you can

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