Fun with Feelings {Printable Workbook}

A few weeks ago, we told you we would be sharing a fun new workbook that would help kids think about, talk about and deal with feelings. 

A Process, Not an Event

Helping children learn how to deal with feelings is a process, not an event. 

Just as children need support and guidance in learning how to zip zippers, button buttons and tie shoes, they will need ongoing support in learning how to identify and manage feelings.  Emotional literacy is every bit as important as learning how to read.  Wise parents and caregivers weave instruction about emotions and feelings into their children’s daily lives.

Feelings are Not Right or Wrong

Feelings are not right or wrong.  They just are. 

If a child states a certain thing makes her happy or sad, don’t argue with her or try to talk her out of it.  Simply reply with, “I see,” or, “Thanks for sharing!” 

To help you help your child develop a "feelings" vocabulary, we've put together this 14 page book that offers plenty of space for kids to doodle, draw and write about feelings. 

For less than the cost of a gourmet cup of coffee, you can start helping your child on the road to emotional literacy!

Yep...just $1.99 helps you help your own kids, as well as any kids in your care...if you're a childcare provider, teacher, nanny, therapist or school counselor. 

Help Kids Deal with Feelings for Just:

A Skill that Lasts a Lifetime:

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Helping Kids Identify and Deal with Feelings

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Katie said…
Hi there! I found your blog via Facebook and it looks like you have some great resources here! I'm a speech language pathologist and this book would be great for some of my students, thank you so much for sharing it free with us! Also, I invite you to stop by my blog, I host a linky party every week called Thrifty Thursday. It is a place to bring together educators and parents and to share free or nearly free learning activities for all ages! This is something I KNOW my readers would LOVE!
Hi Katie,

Thanks for dropping in! I'd love to check out your Thrifty Thursday! Thanks for hte invite!

Glad you like the workbook!

Wendy =)

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