Guest Appearance: The Coffee Klatch

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I'm so excited to have been invited by Marianne Russo, to be her guest on The Coffee Klatch. I'll be joining Marianne:

Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 9 pm, EST

We'll be talking about some of the difficult transitions that impact kids:


grief and loss


We'll cover some of the behavioral fallout that may occur surrounding these life-changing events, and talk about some effective ways that parents and caregivers can respond in a way that is helpful and meaningful.  We'll focus on special needs kids, but the ideas we discuss will be helpful for ALL parents.

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You'll have the chance to call in with questions, if you'd like!  You can find out more of the details here.

The Coffee Klatch has been a tremendous resource for parents of special needs children.  They have something for everyone!  I am honored to have been invited.  Marianne has hosted some of the most respected and revered experts in their fields.  


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