Keeping Kids Safe/FREE Download {Fire, Gun Safety, Strangers, Internet}

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Fires, bullying, internet dangers, pedestrian safety and personal body safety and the like are not generally on our list of fun topics to think about, let alone discuss with our kids.  Yet, arming our children with safety knowledge and skills can be the difference between happiness and trauma, and even life or death. 

I urge you to make sure that you start discussing these things with your children and educating them about how to keep themselves safe.  One of the saddest things I must deal with as a therapist are situations in which prevention could have made all the difference.

The coloring book pictured above, is available for FREE download from  It appears to be made for older elementary students, so I urge parents to look it over.  By printing the coloring book out yourself, you can pick and choose which pages are most appropriate for your child's developmental level. 

Whether the book above fits your child's current developmental level, it is imperative for parents to educate even the youngest of children about strangers, gun safety, personal body safety and more.

Here a few resources that may help:


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