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Make room for more peace in your family this year!  Become a more peaceful parent.  Being a peaceful parent has nothing to do with being permissive.  (We'll write more about that in the coming weeks.)  I drafted these printables awhile ago, and was just waiting for the right moment to share them.

Well, now seems like a pretty good time.  In the past week I was asked to guest post for two pals of mine, Lori Lite at Stress Free Kids and Shara Lawrence-Weiss at Early Childhood News and Resources (and Mommy Perks)!  Both posed questions about some very challenging behaviors.  Check out "Biting, Hitting and Scratching, 'Oh, My!'" and  the "Behavior Makeover" in "Tired of Your Child's Defiance? Tips to Help".

I'll bet you'll see that once you start practicing the principles on this printable (and those mentioned in the articles), they'll start leaking into every area of your life.  You just won't be able to help yourself.  And when that happens, take notice of how much better you (and the people around you) feel!  Just click on any image (pick your color) to download!

Just in case bright purples and blues aren't your thing, I've played around a bit and morphed the original print into some other colors.

Here's aqua:

and lavender:

and red:

and chocolate:

and sage:

and, finally, black and white:

Find all of our Peaceful Parenting printables HERE.

Whether you tack this up on your fridge, keep a small version of it on your dashboard or bathroom mirror, or frame it and hang where you spend the most time with your children...I hope you will follow the simple steps that will lead you down the path to peaceful parenting.

Stay tuned, because our up-and-coming printable will be the much awaited "Fun with Feelings: Emotions Matter" workbook for kids!

As always, at Kidlutions, we wish you happy parenting!


Anonymous said…
cute and effective idea. i am occasionally :) aware that i would connect more w others when i "talk less. listen more." hoping to respect my kids more w that. keep on.
Thanks for dropping by, Dr. Q! I write it all to remind myself, as well! Practice makes us better, no? =)
naomi said…
They are all gorgeous Lori
Kellie said…
Love this printable! Thanks so much :)
Thanks for your kind words, Naomi and Kellie! You have made my day!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wendy =)
chelle said…
Is there a way to still get this printable? They have been deleted from 4shared. I'm interested in the black and white.
Hi Chelle,

So sorry! I've been working on it, but the original is on a computer I don't have access to! I'll keep trying and will let you know if I can get it for you!

DeenaDee said…
Hello Wendy, I was wondering if there is any way that I might be able to access the download for your poster - I would love to have the visual reminder. Thank you for an awesome website :)
Hi Deena,

I will try to get a copy up soon! Not sure if the quality will be great. The original was lost. SIGH!

Wendy =)

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