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Having One of "Those Days" in Parenting?

Did you ever have one of  "those days" in parenting?  The kind of days where you felt dejected and downtrodden.  You've tucked the kids in bed and maybe sit down and have a good cry? Maybe you've been dealing with some really challenging behaviors, and everything that the "experts" have written in the books have done nothing to help you with your situation at home?  Maybe you raised your voice or stomped out of a room or had some other form of an adult temper tantrum of your own. 

You are Not Alone

Well, guess what?  Almost everyone who bears the title "parent" will at one time or another have one of "those" kinds of days.  You are in good company.  While you may feel all alone, you can rest assured that someone, somewhere is feeling the same way.  Doesn't that make it feel just a little better?

Wiping the Slate Clean

Want to know the best news of all?  You can wipe the slate clean.  Today was today and tomorrow brings new hope.  There is absolutely no sense in beating yourself up emotionally with what you could/should have done better.  Try to do it better the next day.  When you and the kiddos wake up tomorrow, you all get to start over again.  If that doesn't feel good, I don't know what does. 

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

To remind you of this, there's a printable to put on your fridge, on your bathroom mirror, taped to your ceiling; wherever you will see it to remind yourself that can do it all differently from this point forward.  And don't forget, the kids get to start fresh, too.  Your kids are counting on you to help turn it all around. 

It's quite reassuring, when you think of it!

Oh, and if black and white is not your thing, here are two other versions of the printable:
As always, happy parenting!


naomi said…
I think we need to remind ourselves of this. We all have bad days. Tommorrow is another day and we can learn how to do things differently and with fresh eyes and energy.

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