Better Behavior Bonanza: You are NOT the Boss of Me!

We have already answered comments, questions and concerns for this poll here!  Please come see what we had to say about kids who scream, "You are NOT the boss of me!  I HATE you!  I don't have to listen to you! You're Stupid!"

Kidlutions is pleased to present: The Better Behavior Bonanza! 

You've got questions, we can help!  I am grateful to the thousands of you who have joined the Kidlution Revolution and the Anger Toolbox for Kids.  You are all fabulous parents, educators and clinicians who are dedicated to the social-emotional development and wellness of all children.  This is my little way of reaching out and saying, "Thanks!" 

Here's how it works

For this installment of the Better Behavior Bonanza, we're focusing on things that toddlers and preschoolers sometimes say that drive you crazy, make you feel batty or make you long for a mind-numbing way to escape the clutches of your pint-sized person. 

Don't worry, we'll cover other topics of concern in later Better Behavior Bonanza posts, as well.

Do you have a youngster that tests your patience far more often than you would like?  Tell us your concerns and we'll do our best to include a response in our post.

The Early Bird Gets the You Know What!

Hurry, though!  The earlier you get your comment/concern in the more likely we are to answer it. 

You have only 48 HOURS to respond!

Get your questions in by leaving a comment below, or tweeting me (DM's okay, too) with the hashtag #KidlutionsBetterBehavior, or respond anonymously by sending your comment via Survey Monkey here.  We're sorry.  The polls are now closed for this Q & A opportunity.  You can go here to see our responses to the questions from our readers!

Act Now
Comments/concerns will not be accepted after 9:30 pm EDT, 8:30 pm CDT or 6:30 pm PDT on Friday, April 13, 2012.

We can't wait to see the concerns you are grappling with and provide you with some solid, helpful suggestions that will help you stop singin' the blues and start having fun as a parent again!


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