Fun with Anger Management for Kids


It seems like an oxymoron, doesn't it?  Fun with anger managment for kids?  But that's exactly what we had went one of my twitter BFF's and I met up (for the first time ever) in Grand Rapids, Michigan, for the Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children's Spring Conference. 

Louise Sattler from Signing Families and I have been long-time facebook, twitter and coffee-drinking-early-morning-phone-connectors.  It was high time that we meet in person.  Louise is everything I thought she'd be and more.  Sweet, petite and a powerhouse of information and energy.  She's a firecracker!  (We never did have a cup of coffee while we were together, so we'll have to definitely do so the next time we meet up!)

Beach Balls, Bubbles and Bugs (and MORE)

Our attendees learned creative interventions for angry children which included, beach balls, playdoh, bubbles, bugs, magic wands and more!  Louise provided the grand finale regarding using ASL in the classroom to help prevent behavior problems.  I had a hoot watching Louise do ASL in person.  I've seen her do it on her award-winning videos, but if you ever get a chance to see her live, don't miss it.  She doesn't disappoint! Ohmigosh...and the prizes that the audience was treated to!  Phenomenal!

Teachers that Make a Difference

In our top picture, you'll see our attendees give us "applause" at the end of our session.  This group of educators was top-notch and it was an honor to spend the afternoon with them!  They learned how they can help change brains, and improve outcomes for kids at-risk due to problems with self-regulation!

It was a great day, indeed!

Louise and me prior to our workshop!

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bethe said…
such a WONDERFUL post so glad ti went GREAT ~ sorry I couldn't be in the audience! xo

Awwwww! We wish you could have been there, too! It was a hoot!

Sometime this summer, my portion of the training will be available as an online program for parents/educators. Stay tuned!

Keep shining bright,
Wendy =)

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