Printables for Social-Emotional Development

Social-Emotional Development Matters

At Kidlutions, helping parents and caregivers help kids deal with some of the tough stuff, like divorce, grief and loss, relocation and BIG feelings, is what we do.  Our focus has always been on social-emotional development.  As a long-time early childhood mental health consultant and mom of three, Wendy Young, LMSW, BCD, founder of Kidlutions, has devoted her career to helping children, families and early childhood educators raise socially competent and emotionally savvy young people.

Helping You Help Kids

In an effort to help as many parents assist their youngsters in dealing with emotions, managing over-the-top feelings and be successful in all areas of life, we have created a number of printables and downloads that you can access for F*REE. 

We hope you enjoy them, and come back soon, as new resources are added regularly!

Happy parenting and caregiving!


naomi said…
Wendy I love all your printables - such great resources for children and parents.

Thanks so much! Very kind of you!

Happy Mother's Day!

Wendy =)

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