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We're soooooooo excited to share that we'll be offering a space for others to get the word out about their uber cool products and services that benefit educators and families!  We've been thinking about it for a bit, and have decided it's time to just roll with it.  But, it had to be something BIG, something different than most other places are offering.  Something that really helped to get you maximum exposure and... a way to keep your brand in the spotlight! So, here it is!

Get the Word Out About Your Family Related Product/Service

Looking for a place to get the word out about your product or service that is family or education related? We might be a great match for you! We are newly offering advertising on our blog, which can help you get your product or service in front of up to 200+K folks. Our advertising is MORE than just a button sitting on the sidebar of our blog. We take advertising a step further! Take a look-see at what we offer:

What you get:

* Sidebar Advertising! (you provide us with a 200 x 200 button) or we can make one for you (extra us for details)

* Sponsored Post by YOU! Each month a post will be sponsored by you, featuring your button at the end of the post. This gets your brand in front of others much more often...every time the post is read. This is true whether it is read on our site, through one of our social media outlets, in one of our subscriber's inbox, or an RSS feed!
For an example of a sponsored post, look here.

* Monthly Sponsor Spotlight! One post a month will feature ALL of our sponsors buttons, along with up to 100 characters of whatever YOU want to say that relates to your product or service (you may include a discount code, a special or whatever you'd like that is family-friendly).

* Newsletter Mention Your button will also be featured on our Kidlution Revolution Newsletter, currently going to over 4,000 subscribers, at least once a month. This list is currently growing by an average of 35 subscribers a day.

* Social Media Blitz! Each post we do is also added to our various social media outlets. (See our numbers in our full post by clicking the link below!) We post new articles to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, often more than once over a long period of time. Your "sponsorship" button remains with the post. Our way of thanking you for supporting our work!

For full details go here!

We hope you'll join us on the adventure!


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