The Secret to Brilliantly Colored Playdough

For the Love of Playdough

I have fond memories of making what seems like thousands of batches of playdough when my three kids were younger.  Playdough in every scent, color and texture.  Pounding, rolling, cutting, shaping.  There is no end to what you can do with playdough.  Playdough was one of my favorite childhood pleasures, and I am fortunate to be able to play with it on a daily basis in my therapy practice.  I know!  Lucky me!!!

Playdough Can Be Messy: Hooray, I Say!

I have been known to send home the recipe for playdough, in all of its various forms, with some of my young charges throughout the years.  Playdough is simple and very economical, and it has saddened me when kids have told me, "I'm not allowed to play with playdough at home.  It's too messy, " or "Mama said no to gets everywhere!" Of course, for a gal who also has a penchant for mudpies, I say the messier the better! (More about that in a future post.)

Making Playdough Brilliant

Some playdough recipes have built-in color, like the recipe for Kool-Aid Playdough.  However, when the occasion calls for a deeply hued playdough (and every day can be an occasion!) adding just the right amount of food  color to playdough without changing its texture and consistency can be tricky. 

As the daughter of a mom who loved to decorate cakes, the one secret to creating deeply hued and brilliantly colored playdough is as simple as using cake-decorating pastes for coloring.  These are readily available in your local superstore in the cake decorating aisle.  However, if you live in the middle of nowhere, like I do, you can just as easily buy them online. 

Here's what I recommend (click on image):

Just click on the image to order online!
I have used the above icing colors for years to whip up some of the most awesome playdough fun!
If you use something you stand by, let us know!  We'd love to hear about it!
As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}!
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