When There are No Words

Talk, Talk, Talk

As a therapist, most of my work revolves around talking.  Talking, playing, creating, resolving. More than 25 years of this routine, and it is never boring.  I have had the opportunity to work with all kinds of people through the years...some talk very sparingly, some talk lots and some...well, some don't talk at all. 

Varied Reasons Not To Talk

Some don't talk because they have speech delays, or perhaps an anxiety disorder such as Selective Mutism.  Still, others don't talk beause there are no words to describe their experiences, no words express the depth of their anger, no words to convey their trauma.  This may be especially true with court-ordered clients, with very traumatized clients or with tweens/teens.  "I'm not talking to you...you can't make me."  I have seen the likes of this through the years and it always intrigues me.  Everyone has a story, but some are not ready to let theirs be known.  And it is okay. It's totally okay.

I'll Come Here, But I Won't Talk to You!

Not long ago, I had a young client declare, "I'll come here, but  won't talk to you!"  We locked eyes and I smiled.  "That will be just fine, I said!" and I meant it.  "We can communicate through pictures or notes...or....I know...we can learn sign language!"  She was going to call the shots for her therapy hour, and I was going to let her.  She was curious!  A broad smile traversed her face as she sized me up. Although I have no mind-reading skills, I would hedge guess that she was thinking, "Wow, you aren't even going to argue with me?  Adults always tell me what to do.  Hmmmm!"

Enter Social Media

After my work day, I got home and tweeted my pal, @LouiseASL at Signing Families.  If you've followed the blog for awhile, you'll recall she and I presented on anger management for kiddos at a NAEYC conference in lower Michigan this past spring.  Anyways, I tweeted, "A new client refuses to talk in therapy. I said, ok...we'll learn ASL!"

I'm sure that brought a smile to Louise's face, but she didn't leave it at that.  Oh, no.  Louise, in her ever generous spirit, had to take this a step further.  A few days later, I received a package. 


Chock full of awesome was that envelope!  Trilingual signing charts! They are trilingual because they are done in English, Spanish and ASL!  I was giddy thinking about how much fun we'd be having in therapy with these! Louise even sent a few for me to share! 

These super signing aids are perfect for therapists and early childhood classrooms.  They have "I want" and "I feel" signs and each card is coated in a protective covering.  Could it get any better than this?  I don't think so!  Louise also included some bookmarks with signs.  Oh, YES!  This is so going to happen!  I think the young lady I will share these with will be smitten, as well!

Thanks so much, Louise!  You always know how to make someone smile!


Our Own Answer to Working with Difficult to Engage Teens

Looking for another way to reach difficult tween and teen girls?  We might have something that resolves this problem for you!  Check out "My Thoughts on Life: A Teen Girls' Guide", which is available for individual use, or may be purchased for use with groups, scouts, for camp activities, church groups and MORE!

As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}!

PS...In an earlier shipment, Louise also sent me a few of her award-winning Baby, Toddler and Preschool Sign Language DVDs, too.  I told you she's kind!  I'll be sharing some of this information at an upcoming parent meeting at a Head Start Program to which I consult!  Shout out to Family Forum, Inc., and its incredible staff!

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SharaPCS said…
Louise is terrific! I love her products and the educational aspect of everything she does. Thanks for featuring these wonderful products.

Louise also gives so much away to those who need her ASL products and services. She's a real go-getter giver :-)
Hi, Shara! I love this: She's a real go-getter giver! I can't think of a better way to describe Loise than that!

Thanks for dropping by!

Wendy =)

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