Fun on the Run

Busy Kids are Happy Kids!
Have you ever been stuck somewhere with antsy kids?  Maybe while waiting for an older sibling to finish up with a sporting event or music practice?  Been there, done that.  But, have no fear. A little mama ingenuity can help you (and your kiddo) out of a bind. Remember, busy kids are happy kids!
The little cutie pictured here just happens to be the lil' sis of a gal on my daughter's hockey team.  She's the sweetest thing and that smile of hers just warms my heart.  While the older gals were busy playing their game (and what a game it was), this young lady was stuck in the stands.  She was sweet as pie and was minding her own business, but bleacher-duty for a 7-year-old can only be entertaining for so long. 
Keeping Young Minds Busy
I dug through my purse to see if I had anything exciting to keep a budding young mind busy. I came up empty-handed, save for a business card and a cash register receipt from my recent grocery shopping trip.  I gave her my business card and had her write all of the names of her family members (including the dogs)! That lasted all of five minutes.  Then she drew pictures of her two dogs...then their dog dishes. The card was filled and my little friend looked at me like "what now?"
The cash register receipt was our only hope! Viola'! That was it! A cash register receipt!
Cash Register Receipt to the Rescue!
I gave my cash register receipt to the young artist in residence and asked her draw me a circus. 
"What? Oh, no! That would be too hard!" she choked out.
I assured her I thought she could draw a circus for me, but we settled on a zoo, instead. 
Here's what this lil' Picasso came up with:
and this...

all of which culminated in this...

 How Do You Keep Kids Busy on the Run?
Do you have a fun, easy, portable way to keep kids busy on the run?  We'd love to hear about it in the comments!
As always, from Kidlutions, we wish you Happy Parenting {and Teaching}!
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