5 Things That Make Parenting {and Teaching} Easier

The Two Toughest Jobs

Parenting and teaching, undeniably the two toughest jobs in the world, just might get a little easier.  Oh, the tough work of raising kind, resilient, responsible and ethical people will stay the same (and may get a bit trickier as society continues to change and offer yet more challenges), but the way you approach it can change everything!

Five Things That Make a Difference

Here are the five things that make parenting {and teaching} easier:

Belief – In your own capabilities as a parent or educator and in your child’s ability to grow and learn.

Love - Unconditional. It’s what every child needs to flourish. Even in the worst of moments your child must know and believe that you cherish and love him. In a classroom setting, you may wish to refer to this as Unconditional Positive Regard.

Opportunity – We never stop growing. Parents and educators learn and grow just as surely as do children. All living things grow and change; none are exempt.

Optimistim – With Bloom Parenting we hold out for the best in everyone. We greet each day with optimism and hope. After bumps along the way, we get right back to optimism. It isn’t always easy, but it is always possible.

More Hope – Following the Bloom approach to raising children offers parents, educators and children hope. It does not promise that every day will be perfect, nor even that it will be great. Bloom recognizes the complexities of human relationships, it allows for mistakes and keeps its internal compass pointed towards all that is good, noble and possible. Bloom allows you to create better days and to manage difficult moments with more compassion and poise.

Here it is in printable format:

For a comprehensive approach to raising and teaching incredible kids, see Bloom:50 Things to Say, Think and Do, with Angry, Anxious and Over-the-Top Kids (3-12).


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