Free Printables on Anger, Self-esteem, Divorce, Grief and MORE

FREE Printables

If you are looking for printables to help kids deal with anger, self-esteem, divorce, grief, friendship skills and more, you've come to the right place.  You'd like them for FREE?  Sure!  Our pleasure.  This set of more than a dozen pritnables comprised our original FREEBIE pack over five years ago when we first opened our online doors! 

Thank You, Readers!

Wow, we have grown so much since then!  It's taken hard work, determination, persistence and more, but we're now reaching 2 MILLION readers a year through our site, blog and social media outlets.  Thanks for being part of the journey! It's been a wild ride filled with fun and meeting tons of talented and passionate people from just about every industry you can imagine.  It has been a blast and absolute joy.  

You can still get our original set for FREE.  Just go here to sign-up!  Subscribers also receive our newsletter, which highlights some of our articles/posts and news in child and teen development.  In addition, you will never miss a freebie, PLUS you get our absolute BEST deals on all of our new releases.  Those special prices are available to members only.  We have ongoing gratitude to those of you whom rely on our resources time and again to help you at home, in the classroom and in the counseling office!

What We've Been Up To

It's been a busy, busy two years.  I completed writing the book, "Bloom: Helping Children Blossom" with Dr. Lynne Kenney.  It was a true labor of love.  The completed book has received some awesome reviews and we've heard from many about how it's changing their lives and relationships with their kids.  That makes my heart happy.

After the completion of Bloom, I've gotten the chance to take creative license and complete several workbooks suitable for kids, parents, educators, counselors and therapists.  My head was a whirl with ideas and notions throughout the two years I worked with Dr. Kenney on Bloom, but I put those thoughts on hold.  In the last several months, we've released several workbooks, and we've multiple ones still in the hopper. Here's what we've released so far since May of this year:

So whether you'd like to take advantage of our FREEBIES, or dig a little bit deeper with resources that are grounded in best-practices in mental health for kids in early childhood through the teen years, we've got your back!  

Oh, and if you don't want to miss a post, take a peek over on the right side-bar and subscribe to Spin-Doctor Parenting {and teaching} via email!  

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Ashley Wells said…
Thank you sharing this printable stuff, very creative idea in teaching child how to deal anger. Aside from that it is really important we should teach our child how to develop child self esteem which is most important until they become an adult.

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