10 Snow Day Activities

clipart by mycutegraphics.com

Old Jack Frost is fast at work and the snow is swirling outside your windows. The temperature has taken a dive and school is cancelled for the day. Now you wonder, “What will I do with thekids all day?”
Here’s a lineup of ten great ideas to pass the snow day in style. Garnered from spoonful.com (previously Family Fun). If you aren’t familiar with it and you have kids, let me be the first to introduce you! I guarantee you’ll visit their site again!
Without further ado…here they are:
1. Build a snow fort!  - What kid doesn't love a snow fort?
2. Put a whole new spin on snow angels with Birdseed Snow Angels.
3. Snow Games - Fun ideas for cold weather fun!
4. Soapy Snowmen - Just good clean fun!
5. Picture Windows - Did you ever do this as a kid?  I loved it!
6. Patchwork Art - Neat...picture this on your fridge!
7. Marshmallow Snowman - A classic!
8. Printables - Keep 'em busy indoors!
9. Jolly Snowman Bread - These are adorable!
10. Snowmen on a Stick - Cute AND healthy!
Don’t forget to dress your children appropriately for the weather. Keep those little fingers and toes safe and protected from the elements. Most of all, have fun! Oh…and if you have any fab ideas of your own, we’d love to hear about it in our comment section below!


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