FREEBIE: Kindness Coupons to Encourage Kindness

FREEBIE Printable for Kindess

Who doesn't love a freebie?  Especially one that can change the world!  Our "Kindness Coupons" are part of our workbook, "Kids for Kindness".  You can read all about the workbook HERE.

Get your Kindness Coupons FREEBIE!  They can be used at home, in the classroom, childcare, scouting, church school and more!

Teach Kindness all Through the Year

If you are all about teaching kindness, you might wish to grab the whole workbook, which is chock full of ideas to help nudge kids towards choosing kindness.  Our world could use a little bit more of it.  If you have our "No More Naughty Lists" book, please note that this book has the same material inside, just a tweaked cover and workbook cover to make it applicable the whole year through.



                  This helps teach your kids about being kind, making good choices and 
managingtheir impulses...all at a great price.  



You can read all the details HERE if you want more information!


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