Better Behavior in a Glass: Why Water Matters #OlympicMoms

Misbehavior? How about nice glass of water? 

We've long heard that children may become less than pleasant when they are hungry.  Let's face it, the same can be said of ourselves.  Did you also know the same may be true when your child is thirsty and dehydrated?  As part of the #OlympicMoms campaign, we're talking about water consumption today. Good ole' H20.  Something so simple is really so important.

3 Reasons to Make Sure Your Kids Get Enough Water 

1.  Dehydration can cause headaches.  Headaches make people unhappy...and crabby. Enough said.  Couple this with the fact that young children may not be able to communicate they have a headache or feel "out of sorts".  It comes out in their behavior instead.  If your child is acting "wonky" (hardly a technical term, but so fitting here), encourage her to drink some water.

2.  Dehydration impedes learning.  That's right.  It causes grogginess, low short-term memory, trouble with basic math, and difficulty focusing. Many schools recognize the importance of hydration to learning and encourage students to have a water bottle by their desks. If your school doesn't, see what can be done about changing this policy.  It's really that important.  (And as I look back, I remember thinking as a kid, "Why do the teachers get to have drinks/coffee at their desks, but the students don't?"  It was an extra special treat if you did something exceptionally well in class and the teacher would let you go to the drinking fountain to get a drink of water.)  Let's all take up the glad chant: "Don't delay, drink your water today!"

3.  Reduce childhood obesity.  Some kids eat when they are actually thirsty.  Encourage your child to drink water throughout the day to lessen mindless snacking.  This can help kids maintain a healthy weight. Water is preferable to juice, sugary drinks and sports drinks for kids.  Also, avoid having your child gulp water. It is better to sip it throughout the day to maintain optimal benefits, and maintain better homeostasis.


Drinking water keeps the immune system running smoothly, lessening the chances of your child catching seasonal colds and flu.  Yes!

If you haven't been encouraging water consumption in your household, this might be a good time to start!  

NOTE: This post is part of the #OlympicMoms campaign.  Read a brief introduction HERE and get your FREE 12-page printable HERE!  In addition to a 2-week menu plan, you get a daily health plan and links to 15 experts who are helping you live a healthier life with your family throughout the Olympic games!


Eli said…
Hi Wendy! Great, great article. I'm a teacher and could not agree more. May I have your permission to translate it to Spanish so that I can share this with my school community? (I'm in Mexico). Thanks!
Absolutely, Eli! I'd be honored! I just ask that you credit me and leave on the article. If you are putting it online, please link back to us!


Wendy =)

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