Feelings Eggs, Anytime of the Year for Play Therapy or Home

Feelings Eggs 

There are so many fun ways to teach about feelings.  In play therapy, I  love to try creative interventions that are seasonal to open up discussions about emotions.  This one lends itself well to the Easter holidays, if you are working with kids who celebrate. This activity can really be done anytime of the year and does not have to be associated with Easter at all.  


You could call this activity "Eggheads" and do it any season you care to!

Here's a simple activity that can be used in early childhood, all the way through the teen years (if you have willing participants).   Here's how I do it:

1.  Using a clear wax, or white crayon, draw face shapes on a boiled egg. We kept it simple for young children, but feel free to add surprised, scared, irritated, perplexed, etc., for older kids or teens.  You might even wish to get a little fancy and write the word on the backside of the egg...combining social-emotional skill-building along with vocabulary building!  Imagine doing this in a class of thirty...that would be quite a large range of emotions.  In a really large group, you might wish to have kids use non-toxic, washable markers to run over the faces (and words on the back, if using with older kids).

2.  Provide egg coloring cups and allow the child/ren to dye their egg(s).

3.  When the feeling face appears, have the child identify a time he/she felt that way.

4.  Have the child identify helpful ways to deal with that feeling.  (If in a group setting, invite other students to weigh in.)

5.  Discuss with child/ren if they can think about times when somebody might have more than one feeling at a time.  

6.  Use your own imagination to expand upon this concept! What else would you do? We'd love to hear about it! Leave us a message in the comments below!

More Resources for Feelings

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