Lori Lite: Stress Free Kids: A Parent's Guide

Under Pressure

Pressured schedules, screen-time, social stress, academic expectations, bullying, sensory overload, family issues...it seems all roads lead to stress. And stress taxes our adrenal system, leaving us less able to cope, grow and thrive in this world.  When left unchecked, it also can contribute illness and disease. Stress can be powerful, but so are the tools that can combat it!

An Indispensable Guide

Lori Lite, founder of Stress Free Kids

Fear not, one of the go-to experts on stress, Lori Lite, has written an indispensable guide for for parents: Stress Free Kids: A Parent's Guide to Helping Build Self-Esteem, Manage Stress, and Reduce Anxiety in Children. Don't let the title fool you, though.  This book will also help adults better manage stress and anxiety, too. We could all use a little of that!

You Don't Need Therapy to Manage Stress

Stress management can be taught.  It's not something that's on the radar of most parents, and it's not something that is often talked about, nor is it mentioned in most parenting books.  No wonder teaching stress management techniques is one of the things I do often with clients in my office. You don't have to go to therapy, though, to learn breathing techniques, affirmations, visualization and muscular relaxation. No siree!  It's all in Stress Free Kids book!

Gift It to a Friend
Stress Free Kids is chock-full of the good stuff...ideas, examples, activities and MORE!  If you have a favorite parenting book you give to new parents, you just might want to add this alongside it.  It's just that good!  Go ahead, gift it to a friend, but be sure you grab a copy for yourself!

Yours Truly 

I am pleased as punch to have contributed a chapter to this book.  I provided content for the chapter on Grief and Loss, entitled, "When a Loved One Passes Away".  In this chapter, Lori shares a very poignant story of her own experience with the death of a loved one when she was younger.  This chapter can help any family assist children in coping with unthinkable loss. It provides a developmentally appropriate framework to address grief.  And grief tops the charts when it comes to stress.

Play, Play, Play

The book also contains information from child therapist, Ava Parnass, MSN, CS, on the importance of play, providing the reader with suggestions and guidance in supporting young children in play. And play should never be underestimated.  It is a powerful tool in which children learn about how life works, learn to solve problems and gain crucial social emotional skills.  Ms. Parnass also provides practical tips for defusing challenging playdate situations.  Have you ever had any of those? 

The book also highlights the work of some other notable experts (Dr. Jodi DiNatale, Dr. Laura Markham) in the areas of parenting, stress and trauma.

Don't Miss It 

Don't miss this book!  You can buy the paperback version, or grab it on Kindle.  Inside you'll find a wealth of supportive ideas that can change the landscape of your family, improve behavior and health.  

Don't Just Listen to Me

Don't just listen to me! See what Shara of Mommy Perks has to say about this book HERE.  As a mom of four, and someone who's worked in the early childhood industry for years, she knows a thing or two about stress....and...how best to handle it!  The Stress Free Kids way!


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