All Feelings are Okay: Bulletin Board Idea

All Feelings are Okay Bulletin Board

Why not create a bulletin board that proclaims, "All Feelings are Okay"?  In our last post, we told you we'd be sharing an idea for a feelings bulletin board and here it is! 

The poster you see above was an impromptu activity done at the end of a session with one of my young clients.  We used scraps of painted paper from another project and fashioned a happy and sad face.  We discussed the concept of all feelings being okay.  This activity could be expanded by adding any number of feelings.

Expanding this Activity 

1. Create a "Feelings Quilt" by giving each student in your class a sheet of paper on which he or she can draw any feeling they'd like.  Connect all of the sheets of paper together and create a "Feelings Quilt".

2.  Use our All Feelings are Okay printable and have each student fill one in.  Hang them up around your Feelings Poster.

3.  Play "Guess this Feeling".  Pair students and give them a sheet of paper.  Have one student draw a feeling face on the paper and have the other student guess.  Then, switch and have the other student flip over the paper and draw a feeling face for the partner to choose.

4.  Looking for more ideas on feelings?  

Here you go:

5.  Visit our STORE for more resources that help with feelings.

Keeping feelings in the forefront of students' minds will strengthen social emotional skills and serve them across their lifespan.


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