Stop Screaming and Teach Your Kids to Do the Same

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Stop Screaming and Teach Your Kids to Do the Same!

Need help teaching a child how to better handle BIG angry feelings?  We have the antidote.  It's the sweetest way to help kids learn self-regulation skills surrounding anger.  One year ago this month (May 2013), we debuted this resource and over 200 sold worldwide within 24 hours of its release.  Sales have continued steadily through the year...because this product offers a solid solution to helping kids learn new skills.  Stop yelling and start supporting kids with new skills.

The Anger Antidote for Kids

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Therapeutic Grade Help
to use in your home, your practice
or your classroom!

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What you'll get:

57 pages of therapeutic-grade interventions

Anger strategies that include: Thinking, Movement, Imagining, Self-Talk and Coping

Chill Out Ice-Cream Activity

Frozen Pops Activity

10 Ways to Extend the Above 2 Strategies

Anger Cool Down Activity

3 Ways to Extend the Learning for the Above Strategy

"How to Deal with Anger" Printable Poster

"Cool Kid" Certificate Printable

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